Images of the MST awaited teen-manga-based movie was divulged and also, a teaser trailer

For those unfamiliar with this subject, "NANA" has 2 main characters wich are identically-named: Nana. The series shows the difference among the worlds of these two characters as well as their different "day-by-day" problems and fight to be lucky in love (Nana/Aoi Miyazaki) and to strike the J-ROCK scene (NANA/Mika Nakashima). Though the differences between the characters they still has a link to each other, not just because the name, but for their friendship leading to a growing life. In all, the movie has everything to be the most BLOCKBUSTER among teenagers, let's hope so!

The Film , directed by Kentarou Ootani ("Avec Mon Mari"), is scheduled for release in Autumn 2005.
More about the movie can be found in this BLOG at the date of "14/02/2005  14:54".

 for some of the shows in MTV ASIA AID 2005 are available at the official site. The shows are:

Siti Nurhaliza - "Seindah Biasa"
Namie Amuro - "Girl Talk"
Rain - "It's Raining"
Slank - "Karikatur"



Tata Young


Fardeen Khan

Aravinda de Silva & Alston Koch



Lanna Commins

Siti Nurhaliza



Joey Boy & Friends

Pug Jelly

Asha Bohsle

Jay Chou

Namie Amuro

Modern Dog

Vanness Wu

Misha Omar

Silly Fools

Bird Thongchai McIntyre


Tata Young


Siti Nurhaliza

Jay Chou

Asha Bohsle

Namie Amuro

Bird Thongchai


VJ Denise & VJ Utt

Joey Boy & Friends

Tata Young

Asha Bohsle & Fardeen Khan

Silly Fools


Namie Amuro


Lanna Commins


Bird Thongchai

Mai, Christina Aguilar, Bird




Vanness Wu

Peter Corp Dyrendal

Kat English, Peter Corp, Nat Myria


Sonya Couling

Jay Chou

Siti Nurhaliza


Asha Bohsle


Electrico's David, Amanda, Daniel


That's right! It seems that MTV Brasil canceled all the asian artists shows! ... They opted to broadcast the edited american version of the event, that meens: An ASIAN event, showing american artists...
But that's ok, we don't need MTV to bring us NEWS on asian matters !!!
So this is the MTV answer on my e-mail (in portuguese):

"...Vamos exibir uma versao editada do show fornecida
pela propria MTV Gringa. Os shows que serao exibidos
sao os seguintes:.

Kelly Clarkson
Jennifer Lopez
Good Charlotte
Good Charlotte & Simple Plan
Simple Plan

Um abraco,

MTV Responde - Atendimento a Audiencia".


For those who lost the show at the official site of www.mtvasia.com , now you have a chance to watch It exclusively this February 19th!!! Pois é, a MTVB will be broadcasting this Saturday Night at 21h e 30m (Horário de Brasília), the biggest benificent event of the year: "MTV ASIA AID 2005" (MTV ASIA AWARDS). Não percam, será uma oportunidade ÚNICA para ver seus cantores asiáticos "FAVOURITES" na TV brasileira!!!


Raju Lama a man with a golden voice, heart throb of the millions and a dream prince of thousands of girls. The lead singer of Mongolian Heart is not a new name in the NE-POP (Nepali) music industry and he has been an idol for the music beginners. He attributes his sincerity, patience and dedication to his success. Till date he has performed more then four hundred shows home and abroad. About 60 songs have been recorded by him.

Born on 16th March, 1978 in Baruwa 1, Sunchaur of Sindhupakchowk to parents Sukhbir and Yangchun Lama, he moved over to Kathmandu with his sister at the tender age of five. In Kathmandu , he started his early education and completed his SLC from Siddhartha Vanasthali School . His school years were the formative years of his career as he performed many times at school shows, continuously drawing his inspiration form the veteran singer late Arun Thapa. His performance soon caught everyone's attention.

In his last years of school, he got together with similar minds in school and few other friends to form Mongolian Heart in 1992. Mongolian Heart started recording commercially in 1993 with Raju Lama on the vocals. “Solitni” their first album with 8 songs was released in 1994. “Baadaluma Luki Basne” was the highlight of the album which was an average seller.

Raju Lama once aspired to join the British Army, He also wanted to get into a technical line as a professional. However his passion for music and singing dragged him away from them. He gave up the idea and continued to strive for his passion. Working with the band, they released another album in 1997, titled "Mongolian Heart", which gave them their much needed platform to make Raju and his band what they are today. Then it was another one called "Mongolian Heart 2" in 1999, and yet another one, "Mongolian Heart 3" in 2002.

Music aside, this ever smiling Piscean loves to take photographs, make new friends, travel and visit places, which he gets to do quite a bit through his performances in various countries worldwide. He gives his sister Lhamu Lama all the credit to his success, name and fame. Nurturing him from the age of five, she has been his constant support is all his endeavors to what he is today.

Raju, a firm believer in God, is also actively involved in social work through Greenlife Buddhist Society Nepal , an ONG involved in social service and Nepal Tamang Art and Culture Centre.

His restaurant "Lhasa" in Thamel is a popular hangout for the young crowd of Kathmandu. One opportunity for them to know him up close and personal.

Currently, he's releasing his solo album "Donbo", and working on another title for Mongolian Hearts.


Who's into "MANGA" World, may know the japanese series "NANA", wich tells the story of two identically-named girls with very different personalities. Nana is a somewhat sickly high school girl unlucky in love, while NANA is a hard-headed independent young woman hoping to strike it big in a rock band. Both girls meet under unusual circumstances and end up living together, learning about life and growing as people. The manga is extremely popular among Japanese middle and high school girls, selling over 17,000,000 copies by volume 11.

Now, a live-action movie based on the popular manga (Ai Yazawa / Monthly Cookie - Shuueisha) is in the works. The title characters NANA and Nana will be portrayed by the J-Popular singers Mika Nakashima and Aoi Miyazaki. The film is currently scheduled for release in Autumn, 2005.

The film will be directed by Kentarou Ootani, known for 2001's "Travail", "Avec mon Mari" (1999), etc. NANA actress Mika Nakashima is famous for her music (including Mobile Suit Gundam SEED ending theme "FIND THE WAY"), and Nana Komatsu's actress Aoi Miyazaki has garnered popularity for her performances in dramas including "Cell Phone Detective Ai Zenigata".

The whole cast for NANA movie has been announced:

Mika Nakashima as NANA
Aoi Miyazaki
as Nana
Ryuhei Matsuda as Ren (Gohatto)
Hiroki Narimiya as Nobu (Kagen no Tsuki)
Tetsuji Tamayama as Takumi
Yuna Ito
as Reira
Tomoko Maruyama as Yasu
Yuuta Hiraoka as Shoji
Ryo Kimura as Shin
Sachiko Kawamura as Saeko



MTV Asia Awards 2005 - Winners:

Favorite Artist Mainland China - Sun Yue
Favorite Artist Hong Kong - Joey Yung
Favorite Artist India - Strings
Favorite Artist Indonesia - Peterpan
Favorite Artist Korea - Rain
Favorite Artist Malaysia - Siti Nurhaliza
Favorite Artist Philippines - Rivermaya
Favorite Artist Singapore - Stefanie Sun
Favorite Artist Taiwan - Jay Chou
Favorite Artist Thailand - Silly Fools

Ok... The show was aired on February 3th 2005, and also, broadcast online for those who wanted to wach and donate, at MTV Asia's official site. The show was hosted by Alicia Keys (who pronounced Bird Thongchai as Bird Thangchoi... Wut a shaaame!!!). For our happiness, we had presentations from Indonesia (Slank), Malaysia (Siti Nurhaliza), Taiwan (Jay Chou), Singapore (A-Do), South Korea (Rain), Thailand (Tata Young/Bird Thongchai) & India (Asha Boshle). Japan has shown their "graça" with Namie Amuro who sang "Girl Talk". The rest of the event wus fully dedicated to recieve worldwide donation  and american artists presentations...



A Cappella 7:
With their last album "Mouth2Mouth", released in 02/02/2005, after almost 2 years, they bring us the "A Cappela-Tropical-Alternative-Hip-Hop-Mouth-Sounds-Like" style, such as "Pee Nueng Song Sarm" and "Phom Ruk Koon" and, of course, ballads like "Glua Jai", wich is a HIT in the local radio.

Joey Boy: If you don't know him, you don't know the name of revolution of Hip-Hop in Asia. Joey has cast his spell over millions of fans through 7 CDs and some Singles that hit immediately the shelves and people's heads. He has been an influence over Asia and his latest single "Joey Boy: Sorry... I'm Happy", shows more sexuality in his lyrics, mainly in the Music Video "Sawasdee Krup", where lots of girls with bikinis, show their bodies as an instrument of seduction for Joey and his friend, in a paradised Isle... Maybe Phuket?!... In all, we can say that Joey has been growing and growing as an artist showing people his AWSOME skills!!! Joey's latest single makes a mix with NIHONGO in some musics, such as: "Sawasdee Krup". And a familiar sound for Brazilian people, the use of "Berimbau" as the main sound of the music "Ragga Boom". Joey maintain the 1st post for the favourite of 2005... Let's see!

Lanna Commins (): Another favourite STAR to hit 2005 MTV Asia Awards! Lanna Commins has an amazing talent! She varies her music so that each piece is distinct and yet related to every other song of the CD. Able to capture a wide range of styles, Lanna reaches into one's heart and soul. She has her UNIQUE style, so cannot compare her to another artist, but If you like Palmy, you'll definetely like Lanna... It's a MUST listen!!! "Sawasdee Jao" is the first and nominated track to represent Lanna with her self-titled debut. Among excellent tracks, the CD has some musics that gets even more in people's heads, like: "Poo Ying Tum Ma Dah", "Wai Jai Dai Kah", "Tum Mai" and "Na Na", though the whole CD has the power to capture your attention, entirely.

Modern Dog: "Modern Dog", a Thai Alternative Rock Band, is again showing their faces with a brend new "That Music", and  MTV ASIA AWARDS chose them to represent some of the Thai-POP GIANTS in the event. These guys have been shaking the radios with their "Ta Sa-Wang", "Daed Song"(That Song), and "Sabai Jai" tracks! Producers Tony Doogan and Yuka Honda are counting on them to be the winners, will they be?!

Silly Fools: A "King Size" for these "Silly Fools"!!! They rock the Thai-ROCK scene and for this reason, "Num Lai" lead them to the THAI NOMINEES at this year's MTV ASIA AWARDS. When you think Thai-Rock, you think "Silly Fools" and how they have shown importance in their country as an icon of a DAMN-GOOD-ROCK. With lots of awards and fame, they reached the TOP charts in Thailand and still maintaining It with bombs like: "Num Lai", "Leaw Tae Pae" and "Kon Tee Kah Chun"... "King Size" was release in January 14 2004, by Grammy.

Check the Thai MVs at:



Jagjit Singh:
He may be 63, but Jagjit Singh, otherwise known as the grandmaster of ghazals and Bollywood playback, still manages to cast a spell on his audiences. His live performances are legendary and every singer will tell you he wants to grow up and be Jagjit Singh. Also nominated for an MTV IMMIE, Jagjit is a name that evokes respect and reverence from the Bollywood industry. His fine voice has graced such songs as the sentimental "Woh Kagaz Ki Kashti" and the sorrowful "Baat Nicklegi To Door Talak Jayegi". A keen promoter of musical talent, Jagjit has groomed new talent and helped new artists like Talat Aziz, Ghanshyam Vaswani, Vinod Sehgal. If there ever was a complete singer - one who balances ghazals with Indi-POP and the jhakaas world of Bollywood - its Jagjit Singh.

Shaan: He with the chocolate boy looks and mellow voice knows how to conquer the hearts of pretty women. Adept at Indi-POP and Bollywood playback, the talented young Shaan looms large over peers and competitors. Coming from a family of illustrious singers (son of Manas Mukherjee), Shaan has the musical gene as part of his DNA. As a child he started out singing jingles and in 1995 released "Q Funk" which also featured sister, Sagarika. He followed this up with the satisfactory "Loveology" and the more recent "Tanha Dil", an album that rocked the charts and established him as India's ídolo POP número um. It was Shaan's foray into Bollywood playback that truly glued his voice into our collective hearts. His repertoire includes huge hits like the blockbuster "Dil Chahta Hai", "Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi", "Main Hoon Na", "Saathiya" and lots more.

Harry Anand: He seduces you and then moves in for the kill, making you dance like a mad man or woman to his tunes like "Kaliyon Ka Chaman" and "Kaanta Laga". This 'Master of Remixes' knows exactly how to get his fans into a frenzy. The Delhi boy's hobbies include listening to good music and playing cricket. But he only has one passion: music. His vision is to be an accomplished international singing sensation, and it looks like he is on the right track. He is already the winner of an MTV IMMIE (2003) for "Kaanta Laga" but will he follow it up with a MAA Award?

Bombay Vickings: For the lead vocalist Neeraj Shreedhar, Bombay Vikings is a term that represents the coming together of East and West - Bombay, being the Mecca of entertainment and the city where most dreams come true, and Vikings, which is representative of Scandinavia where Neeraj grew up. Using the traditional mix of old melodies and ancient tunes, the remix raja has revived the deadly spirits of yesteryear to hypnotize music fans in India and the rest of the world. His art is a wicked blend of old and new, which he has affectionately called "reverse remix". He chanced upon his skill one cold day while traveling on a train in Stockholm when he sang the traditional tune "O Mere Sona" with his own made-up lyrics. Since then, Bombay Vikings went on to find hit after hit with songs "Woh Chali", "Kya Soorat Hai", "Hawa Mein Udati Jaaye" and "Tera Mera Pyaar" with Falguni Pathak.

Strings: The fiery combination of Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia aka Strings set the charts ablaze ever since their college debut "Sar Kiyae Yeh Pahaar". Together they have become a force to be reckoned with, emerging as one of Asia's leading pop rock idols. Strings are no stranger to collaborations; their new album contains 10 tracks, including "Bolo Bolo" with Hari Haran, and "Pal" with pop singer Sagarika. They recently partnered Indi-Rock band Euphoria on "Jeet Lo Dil", a song that celebrated Indian cricket and the emerging friendly relations between India and Pakistan. But the band is best remembered for their trademark soaring guitar riffs on hits with "Anjane" and "Durr". "Dhaani" is the seventh and latest offering from this Karachi-based rock group. Heavily influenced by Indian Classical, Bollywood hits and western rhythms, Strings can always be relied on for a heady cocktail of Paks-POP, tinged with a touch of western rock.

Check the Indian MVs at:



Agnes Monica:
She's been in the entertainment business ever since she learnt how to talk, hosting several kids TV shows including "Video Anak" and "Tralala-Trilili", which won her the prestigious 1999 Panasonic Award for Best TV Host. Determined to do more, she branched into the world of acting in movies and television series by taking on the role of Lulu, Lupus's little sister in the movie "Lupus Milenia", before finally reaching the peak of her career with the hit TV series, "Pernikahan Dini" wich Agnes sang the theme song same titled, by renowned songwriter Melly Goeslow. It was a funkier, R&B of an existing pop song, the audience loved it and it showcased her strong vocals. All of 18, this Business Law undergraduate has gone on to win awards including a Planet Muzik Award in Singapore, before releasing her album "And The Story Goes" which spawned the two hit singles "Cinta Mati" and "Bilang Saja".

Ari Lasso: Best remembered as veteran band Dewa's first vocalist before he finally made a remarkable come back with two hit solo albums, "Sendiri Dulu" (2001) which shifted 400,000 copies and "Keseimbangan" (2003). Ari's raspy vocals have served him well on romantic love ballads and duets alike, notably his collaboration with Melly Goeslow, "Jika". 2004 could be the 31-year-old Madiun native's year. His third album "Kulihat, Kudengar, Kurasa" has been well-received, producing hits like "Mengejar Matahari", which has since been selected for the soundtrack of a movie of the same name. Ari followed up on the album's release with a 12-city tour that ended in October.

Glenn Fredly: Born Glenn Fredly Deviano Latuihamallo, this man's name is as long as his list of awards. The winner of a singing contest by Yayasan Musik Indonesia long before he became an unstoppable music force to be reckoned with, he received the prestigious Funkiest Male Singer award in 2001. Following his years as the lead singer of the band FunkcSection in 1994, he went solo and released two albums: "Glenn" in 1998 and "Kembali" in 2000. The albums shaped his image as a romantic singer who excelled at pop and R&B tunes. Riding on the success, he released "Selamat Pagi", "Dunia" which was sold more than 200,000 copies, earning it platinum status in April 2004. He then decided to re-release it, this time with three new numbers "Sedih Tak Berujung", "Akhir Cerita Cinta", and "Habis" plus an old hit with new arrangement "Cukup Sudah" featuring rappers Ivan Saba and Sa'i Zen from R.E.D..

Peterpan: Peterpan are Nazrul Irham or Ariel (vocal), Lukman Lukman (guitar), Kautsar Hikmat (guitar), Andika (keyboard), Hendra Suhendra (Bass) and Ilsyah Ryan Reza (drummer). The quintet has had nothing but great success as one of Indonesia's top bands of the year. Since the Bandung-based band's first album "Taman Langit" was released in May 2003, and its first single "Topeng" hit the charts and helped sell 650,000 copies, the band has been on a roll. They cemented their idol status by holding out in A Breaking Record 24 Hours challenge in July, 2004. The event made Peterpan the very first band to do a concert in six different cities in a day, hitting cities like Medan, Lampung and Surabaya. Regulars on the MTV Boom charts, Peterpan look set for bigger and better things with their very first nomination in this year's awards.

Ten2Five: Named after their jam sessions, which usually started at 10am and ended at 5pm, this band fuses pop with jazz to produce their very own brand of music. It was formed in 1998 when Poltak Sitorus (drum), Robin Sutanto (guitar), Arief Winarto (bass) and a female vocalist named Lea got together. When Lea quit, she was replaced by Imela Sari in August 2001, before the line up was completed with the entry of Didit Satrio Pinandito (guitar). Imela's ethereal vocals on "I Will Fly" made the single a radio hit and topped the music charts for several weeks when it was released under Explosive Records. Their debut album of the same name, featuring songs mostly done in English, shifted 100,000 copies effortlessly. Their easy listening style and catchy sounds built up a fan base in big cities like Jakarta and Bandung and smaller provinces alike.

Check the Indonesian MVs at:



Too Phat:
Once upon a time, there were two teenagers who grew up loving hip hop music and rapping Warren G tunes. They were so talented that they became their country's most popular hip-hop duo - and even went on to record a song with Warren G on their third and platinum album, "360 Degrees", which talked about money, fame and love. That, in a nutshell, is the story of Too Phat. While their debut album "Whuttadilly?" didn't do as well, their second album, "Plan B" went platinum. Tracksuit-wearing, sneakers-donning, arm-waving Joe Flizzow and Malique are the boys behind hits like "Just a Friend", "Deep Doo Doo" and "Where My Love At?". 2004 was a big year for Too Phat. On top of performing for the first time in Taiwan in July, the boys also received the prestigious AIM Kembara Award, which honours local acts who have made a big impact on the music industry in Malaysia and especially abroad.

Siti Nurhaliza: Looking at Siti Nurhaliza, you'd never guess she's Malaysia's reigning singer. Down-to-earth and extremely polite, this beautiful young woman from Pahang has legions of fans in her home country as well as Indonesia. Since her career took off in 1995 when she was just 16, she has won 80 awards, two of which were for Favorite Artist Malaysia. With almost 20 albums under her belt, Siti is at the peak of her career but there's more years of music to expect from her. Something her fans are happy about, no doubt. When not working in the studios, Siti devotes her time to charitable causes.

"The secret to my success is to do a lot of vocal training, always believe in myself, and be sincere and hardworking. I do keep track of the voting online. And I'm really grateful to my fans who have supported for me," says one of Malaysia's brightest stars and the fourth child among her seven siblings.

Misha Omar: She broke into the local music scene in 2003, and quickly earned a nomination Best New Artist at the Anugerah Planet Muzik 2003 for her hit song "Bunga Bunga Cinta". She didn't win, but by year end, her trophy cabinet was comfortably filled with a Gold Award at the Shanghai Music Festival 2003 and the best vocal award at the TV3's Anugerah Juara Lagu ke. It was evident: the BMG Music artist was definitely going places. Professing that she wants to go as far as she can in the entertainment business, it seems Misha doesn't need a road map. The 21-year old signed a movie deal earlier this year, and is taking a break after recoding her second album.

Spider: Johor Bharu boys Rustam Bin Mustafah (Vocal), Bernado Alberto (Bass), Mohd Hanafi Bin Hamdan (Guitar) and Azhri Bin Nasir (Drum) formed Spider in 1997 when they found their way to music veteran M.Nasir's to audition. Two years later, their debut album "Ngam Ho" catapulted the multi-talented artists (they play musical instruments, produce their own songs and have film credits to their name!) onto the music scene. Their biggest achievement to date has been a duet with M.Nasir on the song "Mentera Semerah Padi", which Nasir included in his same titled fourth album. Their catchy single has been so popular that it's become a ring tone on many mobiles in Malaysia today, surpassing their popular single "Cinta Dewa Dewi".

Ruffedge: Formed as a quartet in 1997, hip hop/R&B outfit Ruffedge are Syed Muhammad Syed Abdullah (Mode), Farish Ramli (Cat), Azanuddin Abdul Wahab (Azan) and Mohd Hamaruzzaman Zain Abdul Hamid (Zain). Their fifth member Amer Munawer Yusoff (Amer) only joined later. From their days of practicing their music in stairwells, Ruffedge have come a long way, with two albums to their name: "Extreme Pleasure and Extra Pleasure" in 2002, and more recently "Defined". Their single "Tipa Tertipu", a catchy ditty about how girls should protect their modesty, was initially banned from radio because it included several languages and not just Malay. But the ban was later lifted, something the band accredits as the cause of the single's success. The band's popularity is undoubted. Their fan base includes females and male fans, the latter being college students try to dress like them -- wearing slanted caps and carefully-cultivated goatees. This has prompted plans to start their very own clothing line, RuffLuv, sometime in the near future.

Check the Malaysian MVs at:



Stefanie Sun:
Since she hit the music scene in 2000, Stefanie has made great strides in the music world. Her phenomenal career took her from Singapore, to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, where her popularity sky-rocketed. When her first album "Grey Skies" won many awards including local radio station FM 93.3's Most Promising Artist accolade, many predicted great things for her. They were spot-on. Her career soared as high as her famous lilting vocals, and to date, she has over 33 awards to her name. Stefanie may not consider herself a pop diva, but undoubtedly, she has the world of Mandarin-POP in the palm of her hand.

A-Do: After two albums that have sold more than 1.5 million copies in Asia and over three million internationally, and several awards including the 'Singer with the Most Potential' award from MTV Taiwan last September, his fans are still in love with his raspy vocals and love ballads. A sensation in Taiwan where he is currently based, A-Do was selected this year by the Singapore Tourism Board as Singapore's Celebrity Ambassador for the Greater China market. His role as a Celebrity Ambassador for the Chinese markets will include appearances on all advertising and promotion materials, including a television commercial, as well as selected road shows. Meanwhile, look out for his new/last album "Hello" which features collaborations with Taiwanese R&B prince Jay Chou and Godfather of Ballads Steve Chou Chuan Xiong.

Electrico: Since the launch of their debut album "So Much More Inside", this band has been riding happily on local pop waves. Their single "I Want You" made it to Perfect 10 98.7FM's Top 20 charts, and their video "Runaway" has enjoyed prominence on MTV. Last year, they've rocked and rolled at events like the Singapore Fireworks Festival, musicforgood.org's An Indie-Pendent Weekend and the almost iconic Baybeats Music Festival. and something tells us it won't be the last we see of these musicians. In 2003, Amanda Ling and Livonia-alumnus Daniel Sassoon joined David, Desmond and William to form Electrico, making what they call "melodic guitar-based rock n' roll with great pop hooks and a touch of class".

Huang Yida: The new voice of Chinese-POP. That's what the fans are calling this little-known 24-year old. Synonymous with raspy vocals and a kids-wanna-rock attitude, Yida burst onto the music scene with his breakthrough single 'Blue Sky'. His debut Mandarin album Indefinable has since achieved notable success in Asia and garnered numerous music award nominations, including 'Best Newcomer', and 'Best Local Music Composition' at the Singapore Hit Awards, last year. Looks like a music career is on the cards for this Sony artist, whose label mates include Taiwanese pop princess Jolin Tsai. His hits include "Love Under a Microscope", "Online Games" and "My Anonymous Babe".

Pug Jelly: This Singapore-bred threesome of Australian brothers Sam Cooper, 19, vocalist and bassist; Matt Cooper, 16, drummer; and Japan-native Masashi Kimura, 20, guitarist and backup vocalist first made music lovers sit up and take notice when their radio single "Give Or Take", dominated the local airwaves of Power 98, Perfect Ten and WKRZ. Before long, they were performing to legions of fans. They opened the show for Canadian-POP punksters Sum 41, and also made appearances at the Baybeats Music Festival, NUS' Sentosa Beach party, and the Singapore American School's Peace Concert, while managing to find time to play gigs in Kuala Lumpur and Australia.

Check the Singaporean MVs at:

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