Jacky Cheung
With careful calculations, Jacky Cheung, who has kept a low profile in recent years, has made a huge and storming comeback. As "Jiang Hu", the movie which Jacky Cheung stars in, the praised Canto-music god also rocks the market by releasing his first Cantonese album in three years. "Life is Like a Dream". Time and recent visits to hell (losing friends forever) and heaven (giving birth to his daughter) leave their marks in Jacky's performance. When he sings about life this time, it's something deep, it's touching, it's in him, it's just different. Having walked through various stages in life, Jacky truly sings the 10 songs in "Life is Like a Dream" from the bottom of his heart.

Leo Ku (): Soon after Leo Ku's award-winning hit "Fatal Trick", he released his 2004's album. Like his previous releases, Leo uses to develop a central theme for his albums. This time, the singer came up with the theme of comics characters for the new release and invited Jan Lam, the DJ and art director Leo once worked with on previous albums. Jan had tailor-made 10 image styles of comic characters for Leo, who chose his beloved cartoon character Doraemon to highlight on the album cover. Leo's radio new hit "Nobita" is a ballad revealing Nobita's hidden feeling through a conversation between Doraemon and Nobita.

Andy Lau (): The Canto-pop king has been telling stories about life, nature and destiny in his songs and movies for several years. "Coffee or Tea" is of no exception. Meanwhile, ballads, the answer to success in the Chinese Musical Industry, are no way to be missed out. In general, the differences from the previous are that there are more delicate descriptions of people while rhythms in the new album are not particularly outstanding. The back-to-basic rhythms in "Coffee or Tea" might be the lone exception. The impressively catchy rhythms join hands with the philosophical and meaningful lyrics. It is undoubtedly a successful commercial theme song.

Joey Yung (): Just six months after the release of her last Cantonese album "Nin9 2 5ive", the youngest winner of the "Most Popular Female Singer Award" came back again with 2004's second album, "Give Love A Break". Two albums in a year have made Joey Yung an even stronger candidates for various year-end music awards. When compared to her last two albums "Nin9 2 5ive" and "Show Up", the 11-new-tunes "Give Love A Break" is definitely the better one in terms of both music and lyrics. Most of the songs are already well exposed in karaokes and TV commercials.

Twins: Having great exposure in the movie world, Twins - Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung - came back to release a 12-song AVCD "Girl Power" featuring principal track "Lose Face" and great hits "Scent  Women"  and "07 Olympic Games". The album also includes "Love Is Invincible",the theme song for film "Twins Effect II".

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Mayday drops their latest musical bomb - that is filled with quite a few surprises- after starring "Love of May"s whole soundtrack, and a BIG Concert in April, 2004. Band member Guai Shou was inspired to the song "Monkey King" by a special dream, and "Stubborn" becomes Mayday's brand new HIT! Its MV was recorded in the luxurious surroundings of Japan while the master tape of the entire album was sent to the US to add the final production touch. Mayday -compared as the Tawanese GLAY- has been the Tawanese rock band nº1 in the country charts.

Jay Chou (): When compared to the last two albums "The Eight Dimensions" and "Ye Hui Mei", Jay does bring the latest "Qi Li Xiang" to a whole new level with improvements made in all aspects. This is a solid proof of achieving maturity in Jay's musical career. "Qi Li Xiang", the first principal track, is a rock ballad with oriental flavor and carries poem-like lyrics. The album also contains two extremely poppy and catchy pieces, which are "Excuses" and "Grounded" while "General" and "Feng Wu Chun Qiu" are the type of songs which Jay is very good at. The lyrics and music, especially the piano play in "Injury Of Cease-fire", makes Jay the favourite.

Jolin Tsai (): In last year's blockbuster Mandarin album "Magic", Jolin amazed many of her fans and one rubbed one's eyes and sees in her a better singer. Song Music, the Taiwanese star's record company, rides the same team and brings us the latest major album "Castle" to again show off Jolin's talent. You can look forward to see the star perform hot Flamenco moves complete with up-to-date Hip-Hop elements! To top it all, Jolin has also asked mega star Jay Chou to help her write top song material including the irresistible track "That's Love". The taiwanese Hamasaki Ayumi? NO, Jolin has an extreme different style and her own kind of music.

S.H.E.: "Best Singing Group Award" winner of "Taiwan's 2003 Golden Melody Awards", steps up and shows that they have become even more skilled in singing songs of various genres in the latests albums. They deserve more than just a round of applause as S.H.E., an idol group which was formed only some two years ago, has established an unbelievable harmony in the group. Talented Selina, Hebe and Ella offer their music lovers many refreshingly new and exciting elements on the album "Magical Journey", wich includes the MTVAsia Awards 2005 indicated tune "Bo Si Mao" (Persian Cat) as Its favourite.

F.I.R. (): Taiwan group F.I.R. has been the hottest local group recently as their debut of the same title are produced and launched and the album of "F.I.R." has topped the present reviewer's list of recommendations. The huge variety shown in "F.I.R." acts as proofs to the very high ambition of F.I.R.'s. The group also took part in the writing and creation of every single song and the present reviewer thinks they have succeeded in perfectly including Rockn'roll music in various ballads. Faye, the lead vocal singer, is one of the major reason for the group to become the biggest hit recently.

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The Flowers: Finally, they have signed a treaty in that burning hot summer 2004. The new company has joined the new member. They have grown up, changed, new company, new style, new BIG Zhang Wei, King , the hot Guo and the NEW member Shi Xingyu, was bringing their work to 12 "changes". The new special edition "I'm Your Romeo" shook the Chinese Musical World to open the eyes once again (Not to enlarge ones vision).

Jin Hai Hsin (): According to Jin Hai Hsin said, she selected more than 200 songs for her phonograph record. On the creation group, Jin Hai Hsin simply developed a mix of French Japanese languages. For this, french men and women were hired to sing songs like "To Him To Say" and the japanese song "Hears".
Jin Hai Hsin have been shown her diversity and talent to conduct things in her own way.

Sun Nan (): The collaboration between Warner Music and Sun Nan has been fruitful. The doors were opened for him to conquer the Hong Kong music market, which its public is still not very familiar with him. Though not photogenic and slightly overweight, he has the singing talent to silence his critics. While in China the image isn't a MUST, things are completely the opposite to what Hong Kong is currently experiencing, where singers' good looks are more important than their singing talent.

Sun Yue (): It has been through 20 month-long to concoct the pleased 2004 year big small dish "She And They". And everybody has met, this special edition that It may be said is the large sum of money makes. It's completely changed the style for this special edition, including music elements and so on, also makes every effort, the nature in the phonograph record modelling to be fresh. But Sun Yue's sacrifice for this has remained for several years luxuriant.

Sha Bao Liang (): Although "Dark Fragrance" becomes famous by, Sha Bao has not throughout settled down to his "Sha Bao Liang" in August, 2004 issues. The new special edition "Sha Bao Liang III" gained a fine reputation with the song "The Prince's Love Song". For the first time, Sha Bao has also attempted to the 'Latin-Feeling' music in the new special edition.

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MTV Networks Asia will reposition the annual "MTV Asia Awards" into a global benefit, in support of the recovery efforts taking place in Asia, a vital part of MTV Networks' wider global response to the aftermath of the Tsunami. The event, now to be known as "MTV Asia Aid", is to still take place at IMPACT Arena in Bangkok on 3 February 2005.

O "MTV Asia Awards 2005", q prestaria homenagem ao mundo das "Artes Marciais", será agora, reformulado. Devido aos acontecimentos do Tsunami, o evento será exclusivamente mudado para "MTV Asia Aid", com fins beneficientes às vítimas da catátrofe. Uma parceria foi feita com a UNICEF, para q o projeto seja levado mais a sério.

Now, talking about the show Itself, one of the most awaited attraction of the night will be Namie Amuro w Maroon 5, wich ppl say: "The BEST of East, and the BEST o West". I don't believe much about that (Marron 5), but OKz...
O q interessa mesmo, é a presença da Namie q, provavelmente, vai ser ótima, AS ALWAYS, ですね?!?!

Since the categories are all dedicated to american artists (), and this's an "ASIAN 'BOUT", I'll only present U the "Favourite Music Artist" category. OK... Vamos aos nominees:


The single "Noypi" is regarded a national hymn by the youth across the Philippine islands. MTV Philippines aptly recognized this at the recent MTV Pilipinas Awards where Bamboo received the Favorite Song Award for "Noypi" and, as expected, the Best New Artist and the Best Group awards. They went on to win a Gold Record Award for the same album. The second single, "Mr. Clay" is also going about the same route: massive airplay and chart-topper in both rock and pop radio.


Parokya Ni Edgar: It's no surprise this alternative band is once again nominated for this award. The biggest winner at this year's Awit Awards, Parokya Ni Edgar picked up seven distinctions in all including a special citation for Outstanding Sales for "Bigotilyo", Album of the Year, Best Group Performance, Best Novelty Song, Music Video of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Rap Performance for The Yes Yes Show.

Radioactive Sago Project: Only recently, they wrapped up their sophomore outing, Urban Gulaman, which took three years to record. As a foretaste, the group released the five-track EP, Before Monkey Jump Give Him Banana, whose psychedelic cha-cha-inspired single, "Astro", is presently featured on NU 107's play list. Its video even earned the Most Stylish Music Video jury award at the first ever MTV Style Awards held in the Philippines recently.

Rivermaya: Ten years and several member changes since their entry into the music business, Rivermaya - composed of Rico Blanco on vocals, Mike Elgar and Kakoi Legaspi on guitars, Mark Escueta on drums, and Japs Sergio on bass - continues to make waves with their latest record, Between The Stars and Waves. Two singles off the album, "A Love To Share" and "Balisong", have topped the charts and continue to receive massive airplay.

Dice and K9: This Cebu-based rap quartet rose to instant fame this year with the phenomenal success of "Itsumo" from their debut album, Mobbstar. Inspired by their fave Hentai classics, the catchy tune created a stir for its melodious Japanese chorus that allegedly mimics Utada Hikaru's "First Love". Making up this group of four are indie label producer Dice Rosaroso, K9 (Miguel Calinas), Hi-C (Dice's wife, Honey Rosaroso), and the promising Trapp (Ivan Maningo).

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