A Cappella 7:
With their last album "Mouth2Mouth", released in 02/02/2005, after almost 2 years, they bring us the "A Cappela-Tropical-Alternative-Hip-Hop-Mouth-Sounds-Like" style, such as "Pee Nueng Song Sarm" and "Phom Ruk Koon" and, of course, ballads like "Glua Jai", wich is a HIT in the local radio.

Joey Boy: If you don't know him, you don't know the name of revolution of Hip-Hop in Asia. Joey has cast his spell over millions of fans through 7 CDs and some Singles that hit immediately the shelves and people's heads. He has been an influence over Asia and his latest single "Joey Boy: Sorry... I'm Happy", shows more sexuality in his lyrics, mainly in the Music Video "Sawasdee Krup", where lots of girls with bikinis, show their bodies as an instrument of seduction for Joey and his friend, in a paradised Isle... Maybe Phuket?!... In all, we can say that Joey has been growing and growing as an artist showing people his AWSOME skills!!! Joey's latest single makes a mix with NIHONGO in some musics, such as: "Sawasdee Krup". And a familiar sound for Brazilian people, the use of "Berimbau" as the main sound of the music "Ragga Boom". Joey maintain the 1st post for the favourite of 2005... Let's see!

Lanna Commins (): Another favourite STAR to hit 2005 MTV Asia Awards! Lanna Commins has an amazing talent! She varies her music so that each piece is distinct and yet related to every other song of the CD. Able to capture a wide range of styles, Lanna reaches into one's heart and soul. She has her UNIQUE style, so cannot compare her to another artist, but If you like Palmy, you'll definetely like Lanna... It's a MUST listen!!! "Sawasdee Jao" is the first and nominated track to represent Lanna with her self-titled debut. Among excellent tracks, the CD has some musics that gets even more in people's heads, like: "Poo Ying Tum Ma Dah", "Wai Jai Dai Kah", "Tum Mai" and "Na Na", though the whole CD has the power to capture your attention, entirely.

Modern Dog: "Modern Dog", a Thai Alternative Rock Band, is again showing their faces with a brend new "That Music", and  MTV ASIA AWARDS chose them to represent some of the Thai-POP GIANTS in the event. These guys have been shaking the radios with their "Ta Sa-Wang", "Daed Song"(That Song), and "Sabai Jai" tracks! Producers Tony Doogan and Yuka Honda are counting on them to be the winners, will they be?!

Silly Fools: A "King Size" for these "Silly Fools"!!! They rock the Thai-ROCK scene and for this reason, "Num Lai" lead them to the THAI NOMINEES at this year's MTV ASIA AWARDS. When you think Thai-Rock, you think "Silly Fools" and how they have shown importance in their country as an icon of a DAMN-GOOD-ROCK. With lots of awards and fame, they reached the TOP charts in Thailand and still maintaining It with bombs like: "Num Lai", "Leaw Tae Pae" and "Kon Tee Kah Chun"... "King Size" was release in January 14 2004, by Grammy.

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