Images of the MST awaited teen-manga-based movie was divulged and also, a teaser trailer

For those unfamiliar with this subject, "NANA" has 2 main characters wich are identically-named: Nana. The series shows the difference among the worlds of these two characters as well as their different "day-by-day" problems and fight to be lucky in love (Nana/Aoi Miyazaki) and to strike the J-ROCK scene (NANA/Mika Nakashima). Though the differences between the characters they still has a link to each other, not just because the name, but for their friendship leading to a growing life. In all, the movie has everything to be the most BLOCKBUSTER among teenagers, let's hope so!

The Film , directed by Kentarou Ootani ("Avec Mon Mari"), is scheduled for release in Autumn 2005.
More about the movie can be found in this BLOG at the date of "14/02/2005  14:54".
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